Once upon a time…

Fox Winery began as a whim when I wasn’t sure what to do with grapes from two grape vines in my backyard: one concord and one pink catawba vine. At the time I was working at the VA in Columbus, Ohio, and a nurse I worked with suggested I make wine from the grapes. My response wasn’t encouraging… I didn’t believe you could make wine at home! She assured me it could be done and brought me her father’s recipe, so I began the journey of learning to make my own wine. It wasn't until 12 years later that I really thought I could do it. I then planted 200 vines with the thought that, if they grow, I’ll open a winery. They grew! So came to be the idea Fox Winery.

In 2016, Fox Winery was unofficially born.

I had a building ready to go and a lot of wine-making supplies, but hadn’t yet been government approved to sell wine. We opened anyway and provided supplies to others in the community who wanted to began their own homemade wine journey.

Luckily, a year later,

we got our government approval to sell wine! On September 23rd, 2017, we had our GRAND OPENING and never looked back. Fox Winery, my dream of 12 years, was officially my reality.

-Ron Fox, Founder & Vintner