Weddings & Fox Wine

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What wine do you want to serve?

Come have a few samples of wine in-store to find your favorites. You can sample 5 wines for $5.25. You can also look through our Little Black Book of Wine if you’d like to make something that we do not offer in-store. We have 174 different wines available!

How do I go about making wine?

Once you have chosen the wine(s) you wish to serve at your wedding, we will help you with the production. All wines will be made in house and must be started no later than 90 days prior to your wedding. One kit will give you 30 bottles of wine. Keep in mind, you will receive 10% off your order.

Will we have the ‘Fox Winery” Label or can we make our own?

We are all about your wedding being 100% customized to you! If you would like a custom wine label, we have a few different ways it can be designed. You can have a label that is strictly writing and design work OR you can have a mini photoshoot done with Liv Fox Photography. If you choose a photoshoot, we will work out a time for a 20 minute shoot, and you can choose one picture from it to go on the label. You will also receive all photos from the shoot. If you have any questions, feel free to email her at

Custom Label // Plain | $34.99

Custom Label // Including photo of your choice | $39.98

Custom Label // Including photoshoot | $99.98

  • Only one photo is put on label // customer receives all photos via online gallery

How much will all this cost?

Price varies depending on labels and wine(s) chosen. Final cost will be calculated once you have picked your wine(s) and labels.

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Are you looking for a place to host your bridal shower?

We are closed on Sundays, but you are welcome to rent the winery out anyway. However, we will not be able to serve alcohol on that day. Saturdays we do not open until 2 o’clock, so you could rent the winery in the morning (10A - 2P). We will open at 2P and you are welcome to stay provided you don’t mind other people possibly filtering in. To rent the winery out, it would cost $89.99 for 3 hours and would come with 2 complementary bottles of wine of your choosing, excluding premium wines. When those bottles run out, you and your guests are welcome to buy as many bottles or glasses as you’d like. Maximum capacity is ~30 people.